It is hard to be vegan, it is harder when it offenses our culture.

I was born and raised in China. I don’t know what vegan means until 3 years ago after I came to US. I tried vegan diet and found preparing it was easy and my body felt as usual afterwards. But discussing it with others is hard, especially with Chinese friends the during holiday season.

I am not a master of communication and I haven’t found a good way to answer “why do you eat vegan” without silencing the table.

  • I am worried to make others feel guilty about eating meat but in the same time I do want to suggest vegan diet.
  • I am worried to shift the happy discussion on the table towards the wellness of farm animal and make it less happy.
  • I am worried to be regarded as selfish because people on the table need to pay special attention to my diet and not order what they really want to eat.

I should respect their diet because it is a personal preference. But I should speak up because when one more people stop eating meat, we will have more restaurant offer better vegan option, less animal suffering and less CO2 emission. You may refer to the impact analysis here.

How should I speak up then? I will try to figure it out. But before then, I should probably find a better way to gather together than eating. And sorry my mom and dad, I probably should learn to say no to your way of saying love.